Names Of People Who Complain The Most

And Yes, Karen Is One Of Them But Not #1

September 15, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

Just because your name is Jane, or Joe or Wicker or Wilde....doesn't mean you complain a lot.......however, if 2020 had a name, we’re guessing it would be Karen. It’s become synonymous with people making a complaint and now it’s a popular put-down, but are Karens really the biggest complainers out there? Thanks to new research, we now know the names of the keyboard warriors who complain online the most.

A comparison site Uswitch looked at Tripadvisor reviews for popular tourist destinations around the world to find the most frequent complainer names and while Karen is up there on their list, it’s not number one. That honor actually goes to Kim, but Karen comes in second. 

The biggest female complainers are:

1. Kim

2. Karen

3. Susan

4. Sue

5. Sarah

6. Julie

7. Emily

8. Claudia

9. Anna

10. Rachel

The biggest male complainers are:

1. Paul

2. David

3. John

4. Mark

5. Andrew

6. Steve

7. Michael

8. Peter

9. Jeff

10. Daniel