How You Can Support The Native American Community This Thanksgiving

November 25, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

We won't get into the politics of whether or not we should celebrate Thanksgiving......these days are, hopefully, removed from when the holiday started and we now focus on eating lots of food, being with family and shopping. (Oy, we don't need to get into black friday either.) But if you know what the Native American Community went through back in the day and would like to support them in honor of their history we found a great list from Thrillist..... Here is a bit

Native American-Owned Businesses to Support

Beyond Buckskin Boutique – Online
The virtual boutique blends tradition and modernity, creating an extensive inventory that goes beyond apparel to include jewelry, moccasins, and blankets, to name a few.

Tribe to Table – Online and in Montrose, California
A market with more than 60 tribe partnerships across North America. Tribe to Table sells Native foods, pet food, home goods, apparel, and pet supplies.

Orenda Tribe – Online
The artists and makers behind this vintage shop specialize in upcycling found textiles to continue their life cycle. In response to COVID-19, Orenda Tribe launched relief efforts to bring critical aid to relatives who need it.

Beam Paints – Online
Named after the founder's family, Beam Paints spreads Indigenous art traditions through its collection of naturally sourced and handmade paints. All products are non-toxic and packaging is plastic-free. Beam Paints is based outside of US borders, but it's a close neighbor that still deserves attention.

B.Yellowtail – Online
Specializing in "wearable art," the fashion brand sells clothing, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products. 

Urban Native Era – Online
A youth collective aimed at bringing Indigenous news to light through its products. The online shop includes branded clothing, posters, stickers, pins, patches, and even shoelaces.

Thunder Island Coffee Roasters – Online and in Southampton, New York
Though beans are roasted on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation in New York, the roastery ships a variety of blends in 1- and 5-pound increments through its online shop.

Gathering Tribes – Online
The formerly brick-and-mortar artisan shop now operates entirely online, but its selection of handmade crafts is no slimmer than before.

Also, from the website: "Washington, DC - 
While federal funding covers 60% of what the National Museum of the American Indian needs to maintain its exhibitions, scholarship, and educational programming, the rest comes from donations. The museum’s mission is to educate the public and change the way people think about Native Americans. Current exhibitions highlight the Algonquian people of the Chesapeake Bay region and the monumental engineering achievements of the Great Inka Road in Cusco."

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