When A Teacher Found A Note Of Despair In The Girls Bathroom Students Stepped Up

Proving You Are Not Alone

January 27, 2020
You Are Not Alone

A teacher in Colorado ducked into the Ladies Room in school one day and found a note of despair from presumeably one of the students.  When the teacher, Ashley Ferraro, went back to her class she encouraged her students to write notes of encouragement and put them up on the wall around the original message (see photo below).  

Then, sophomore Hannah Blackman, started a Facebook campaign to raise money for Suicide Prevention and Crisis services.  She says, “I think it’s always --always-- important to reach out and see if anybody needs help or even just a small act of kindness like the sticky notes.”


You Are Not Alone

Wicker and Wilde would like to know what your words of encouragement for someone who may be struggling?  Let us know on our FB page:)  And FYI, we love you and appreciate you.