McDonald's Employees Want Us To Stop These Habits

August 7, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

Working at a fast food joint is not easy. Think about all the customers that go through the drive thru and their doors daily. While we try and be polite to the employees (at least we should be), there are habits that McDonald's employees wish we would stop doing.

The biggest reason for the no-no list is because all these habits slow the ordering process down and back up customers. Here’s what to avoid doing at any fast food restaurant:

Not being specific with your order

Letting your child order

Ordering too many meals at the drive thru

Talking first in the drive thru

Asking for your “usual”

Leaving a tip for the cashier (Rebecca has done this a couple of times and no one ever said anything??)

Asking for ording suggestions

Going back for condiments....(uh oh......Wicker and Wilde are both totally guilty of doing this....)