Signs That You May Be More Stressed Out Than You Think

And You're Not Alone

November 11, 2019

Other people may get burnout but not you, right? You don’t need sleep, or to smile, you just need to #hustle and #grind, right? Wrong. 

We are so busy, we're working ourselves into an early grave and with the holiday's coming we can only expect our stress level to go up.....however, often we don’t even know how stressed we actually are.

According to the International Stress Management Association, there are four ways stress manifests itself and several warnings you’ve got to much of it:

Psychological signs of stress: Inability to concentrate or make simple decisions, difficulty remembering things, negative thinking, and insomnia top this list.

Emotional signs of stress: If you’re extra tearful, irritable, having mood swings, and feeling defensive, you might be overstressed.

Physical signs of stress: Feeling aches and pains, muscle tension, constipation, or nausea? It might not be your gym gains. It might be your stress gains.

Behavioral signs: Not making time for relaxation or fun and increasing your intake of alcohol, smoking, caffeine, or drugs? You may need a mental health day, week, or year.

This only touches some of the warning signs you’re overstressed so go check out the full list of unexpected signs of stress here.

If any of these hit home for you, make sure you take the time you need to work on your mental health and reach out to someone for help.  Honestly, if you want to reach out to Jeff and Rebecca we welcome your call or email.  #truth

And thank you for listening each morning.  We appreciate you.  xo