The Morning Mix With Wicker and Wilde Have Your Secret To Success!

And It's Super Easy.....Well Sort Of....It SHOULD Be Easy. Can You Do It?

August 7, 2019

When was the last time you took a vacation?  How about your brain?  When was the last time your BRAIN went on vacay?  Yes, your brain needs a break more than the rest of your body. 

That means you should unplug the phone, the work laptop, ignore your email and most importantly turn off your brain! And you shall be more successful when you do it!

66% of us are guilty of working on our paid time off. Only 78% of us even feel comfortable enough to take a trip...only if we can still do work. And 66% of us work on vacation. There is something wrong with that say the experts. FOMO is a real thing!

Scientist Sian Beilock says unplugging your brain is a lot more beneficial than you think. Here are some reasons why you need to:

Just like a computer, you need to reboot your brain in order to perform the best.

Taking breaks allows you to be super creative to come up with those fresh ideas that your boss will LOVE!

It allows you to concentrate better

So go ahead and shut it not only deserve it, you NEED it.  

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