Parents Must Follow These Rules Of An Easter Egg Hunt

Yes, There Are Rules To Follow To Make It Fun For Everyone

April 19, 2019

Rebecca Wilde from The Morning Mix will be at Stony Point Fashion Park this Saturday (April 20th) from 12-3 and in honor of that we thought we should share the rules of The Easter Egg Hunt

They are only in place to make sure everyone has a good time! :)

- No parents ruining this for everyone - That means don’t step foot in the designated egg hunting area. Your kid will do fine on their own.

- Tell your big kids to mind the little ones - If your egg hunt is all ages, remind older kids to look out for the smaller ones and let them have some fun.

- If your egg hunt is separated by age groups, stick to them. 

- You get what you get, and you don’t pitch a fit - Keep the expectations low to avoid disappointment. Some eggs are going to have one jelly bean in them and it might even be licorice-flavored and that’s just life.

- No hoarding - It’s always good to give your kids a pep talk reminding them not to be greedy. Encourage them to help each other out there.

Get the full scoop HERE and Have FUN!