If You Are Looking To Look And Feel Incredible Then Join Rebecca At Row House

Come Row With Us, It's AWESOME!

September 18, 2019

No lie, as Rebecca Wilde puts another piece of candy in her mouth, she would love to invite you to join her at Row House in Short Pump.  Whether or not you have ever been on a rowing machine, this is the perfect way to work out!  The classes are only 45 minutes and there are different kinds of classes to take so there is something for everyone.

Don't be intimidated if you have never rowed before.  Rebecca had only done it at a gym where she got no instruction.  But rowing is a great workout - it's full body so you feel it everywhere and you can add to your own intensity if and when you are ready.  It's also low impact so it's fantastic if you have an old injury that keeps you out of a normal gym or exercising at all!  Rebecca was even worried she wouldn't have cute enough workout clothes for Row House but that place is anything but pretentious.  Why should you look fancy when you are about to sweat all over the place? Ha!  Not only that but there is every type of person that works out there......so everyone is invited to feel, look and just BE better.  Rebecca will even offer to join you at your Launch class when you take your free class to see if Row House is a place you'd like to join.  The Launch class gives you a sweet taste of what to expect.  Just drop her a line on her FB page, which you can get to on the Wicker and Wilde page.  

Find them on Facebook at @RowhouseShortPump 

Call them at 804-456-4355

See you there:)

This is a video to see what's up with proper technique.