Unhand That Phone! The Richmond Ban Is In Effect Tomorrow (Tuesday)

June 8, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

Wicker and Wilde just wanna remind you that this is happening.  Tomorrow for the city of Richmond and in 6 months, for the entire state.  Research has shown that driving while using your cell phone is similar to drunk drivinig and starting tomorrow, the powers that be are hoping to save some lives by banning playing with your phone while you're driving.  You can still hold it in your hand, but why would you simply be holding your phone while driving? Either way, even if your phone is on your dash in a cradle you are forbidden from meddling with it - whether you are hitting a contact to talk hands-free or getting a map ready (and Rebecca Wilde has no sense of direction and lives for maps). So if you wanna talk with someone, or set your destination, best do it before your trip gets started, otherwise you'll have to pull over.  The first-time fine is a whopping $125! Best just put that phone away so you aren't tempted.

Check out the full article from The Richmond Times Dispatch

Wicker and Wilde