This Rapper May Take The Role Of Fran In A Reboot Of The Nanny

Hint: She's "A Boss"

September 19, 2019

Remember that 90s show, “The Nanny?” The ON (Get it, Original Nanny? - LOL), Fran Drescher, who starred and also executively produced the show back in the 90's and says she'd love to see a reboot.  The show is FOR SURE getting a reboot, but Drescher says they’d have to bring a new nanny on board to give it a more modern feel. So who is she thinking can take her place? She’s got her eye on Cardi B and has been in talks with her team about it. The two have yet to meet personally but Cardi B has compared herself to Drescher and how she'd love to slip into the role on her Instagram page for days now.  Drescher says she could play mom, Sylvia and that she'd love John Leguizamo as the dad. We all at Mix 98.1 loved the original The Nanny and would love for it to come back and give us a great BIG laugh or 2!  There’s been a lot of back and forth about whether any of this is actually going to happen, but we’ve got a couple of weeks before an official announcement can be made. Don’t worry, we’re waiting.