What Dad DOESN'T Want For Father's Day This Sunday

June 18, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

In case you didn’t know, Father’s Day is this Sunday (June 21st). Jeff Wicker is ready to receive some good stuff from his kids....(hint hint you Jackson, Henry and Addy) and Rebecca Wilde sent a card to her dad in Michigan. 

If you’re still stumped on what to get your Dad this year, you may want to start with what not to buy. A new survey find these are the top “unwanted” gifts.

#1 is clothing, with 32.6% of dads reporting they don’t want clothes and that’s too bad for the 46% of people who are planning to buy them.

Hate to break it to Hallmark, but lots of dads aren’t into getting greeting cards. The survey shows 30% of fathers don’t like getting them, even though 59% of people who get Father’s Day gifts buy cards. If only Rebecca knew this beforehand!

Dads are also not excited to unwrap books and CDs, with 30% saying they dislike them and almost that many (28.6%) are also not into getting personal care items.

Believe it or not, tools and appliances also make the unwanted list (15.6%) and so do electronics for 13.9% of dads surveyed.

As for what dad DO want for their special day:

56% of those surveyed say they just want to stay home to avoid the coronavirus.

20% would prefer to have a backyard BBQ

And a third of dads would like gifts that create special memories.

And to all you Dads.....Happy Father's Day from Wicker and Wilde

Wicker and Wilde