What Perk Would You Want To Keep You Happy At Work?

Surprisingly It's Not More Money

September 9, 2019

Are you happy at work?  Even if you are, you know there are some things which if, improved within the office, would make you even happier!

A new survey finds that two-thirds of people would either accept a job or stay at a job that “supported and enhanced their health and well being,” and you’ll likely be surprised by what that means.  It's not more money.

The top factors affecting your productivity and well being include things like air quality and good lighting. Good lighting in the workplace, btw, will improve your mood and can improve the function of your circadian rhythm, which will increase your happiness and energy levels.  Who knew?!

Employees would also like better water quality and comfortable temperatures. Rebecca Wilde and Jeff Wicker battle over the thermostat on an almost daily basis! LOL

The other biggies are paid time off and the option to customize your own workspace.  

Meanwhile, things like healthy food availability, fitness facilities and technology-based health tools are the bottom three perks that employees want.