Kiss Guitarist Paul Stanley Says He Didn't Just WANT To Be Famous He NEEDED To Be Famous

Because Of This.......

May 6, 2019

The Morning Mix with Wicker and Wilde is giving away Kiss tix this week for their upcoming VA Beach show.  While doing some research they learned something new about guitarist Paul Stanley.   Paul was born with a condition called Microtia and was bullied as a kid.  Instead of becoming a wallflower, Paul vowed he would become famous.  

He was interviewed by Dan Rather for Rathers The Big Interview and said  “When you have something physical that sets you apart from people it makes you really a target of unrelenting scrutiny and sometimes ridicule. And, quite honestly, the idea of becoming famous was a way to push it in people’s faces and go, ‘You see, you should have been nicer to me.”  You can see the interview on Facebook.  

Stanley has spoken about being bullied before in his autobiography Face the Music: A Life Exposed

Make sure to listen to Jeff and Rebecca for your tix for the show which is at the Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater Tuesday August 13th, 2019