We Will Face Over 200 Family Arguments Each Year Over This Topic

July 31, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

Surprisingly enough BOTH Wicker and Wilde enjoy doing the dishes, however, we acknowledge that most people do not and apparently they are the source of lots of arguments in America. 

A new poll finds that the average American will be involved in 217 arguments each year over doing the dishes. Say what?!  Yep.

That comes out to an average of 18 dish-related arguments each month.

- 60% of Americans say they get stressed out doing the dishes.

- Among the most common dish-based argument is over who should empty the dishwasher, with folks having four of those fights each month.

Other common dish-related arguments include:

- Leaving dishes to soak in the sink 

- Who should load the dishwasher 

- Pre-rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher

- Leaving dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty