National Love Is Kind Day - It's Time To Break The Cycle. You ARE Worth It.

July 27, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

July 27th is a day to celebrate independence from your abuser. July 27th, National Love is Kind Day is the day to:

- Celebrate for all victims of domestic violence/domestic abuse their FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE from their abuser.

- Recognize your right to be treated with KINDNESS. Because real love is kind, not terrorizing.

- Realize that kindness is the path to healthy and safer relationships, families, society, and the world.

- Give voice for and hope and support to others who are still suffering, often in silence.

- Spread messages how we can be kind to one another, especially to those closest to us.

- Remember that love is not abusive, violent, demeaning or dehumanizing If someone uses love as an excuse for their hurtful behavior, it’s not real love.

I was in an abusive relationship and thankfully was able to get out of it, with the help of friends.  You are NOT alone.  With every generation, the cycle of abuse continues to cripple families, especially women and children who are most vulnerable. The cycle of abuse must stop now. And remember, it's not just about physical abuse.  It's mental abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abus - it's ALL shouldn't have to "just take it." 

National Love is Kind Day encourages you to become aware of how you are treating people, how people are treating you, and how you can become emboldened, supported, and empowered to lead the joyful and productive life you deserve. With improved and proper support, families can know and experience the freedom and love found in an abuse-free home. Children grow up with positive role models, and both adults and children lead more productive, happy, and mentally healthy lives.

Today is a day is an opportunity to say “No to abuse, violence, and ridicule! And begin saying, “Yes, to kindness!  And yes, to sharing my voice! Yes, I am worth it and my life matters. Kindness rules!”

You deserve better.....if you need help reach out to someone.  You'd be surprised who might be there for you.  Just ask.  You can also contact the Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-7233

- Rebecca Wilde from Wicker and Wilde.......we care about you. 

Wicker and Wilde