Miss Piggy Gets Her Line Of Own Makeup

She's An Original Like You!

November 3, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

Wicker and Wilde are big fans of muppets and soon enough someone saying you look like a Muppet will be a nice compliment!  Tha's because Miss Piggy is dropping her own line of makeup soon. Disney and Ciaté London just announced they’re collaborating on an all-new collection to celebrate Piggy’s signature look with everything from an all-purpose hydrating lip balm, a curated palette of “everyday blush shades” and Miss Piggy branded blender. And obviously, to keep things pig approved, everything will be made vegan and cruelty-free.

“Miss Piggy is a strong woman who doesn’t play by the beauty rules — she makes her own and is groomed to perfection no matter what the occasion!”

No one can deny that Miss Piggy is a fashion and style icon and knows the way around a makeup chair quite well.  No matter what, you need to remember that it's all about moi - and that includes you;)