Today Is National Make a Dog's Day Today

Wicker And Wilde Try To Do That Every Day

October 22, 2019

Today is National Make A Dog's Day!  You are encouraged to spoil your own dog today and this day was created with shelter animals in mind and to #adoptdontshop.

So let's start with your own pup today......if your dog could talk what would she/he say? Here are some suggestions to Make your Dog's Day:

-Take an extra long walk with your Furry Family Member 

-Throw the ball/frisbee a few more times than normal

-Have the whole family play with the dog together - Jeff Wicker says that would be his dog Nikki's BEST day

-Give them a new toy or a new chew

-How about some good Human grade food for dinner - Rebecca Wilde cooks for her dogs.  

As far as shelter dogs - maybe think about becoming a volunteer at your local shelter....even if it's once a week.  This day was created by Subaru who wanted to shed light on those furry friends who are less fortunate but with LOTS of LOVE to give.  

                                    - you could donate food to a shelter or rescue near you.  Or blankets or money

                                    - most of all consider adoption. #adoptdontshop 

Adopting a shelter pet is less expensive, the animals usually come with their shots included in the Adoption fee, and these animals know they are going into a new, loving home once they leave the shelter. They come with stories and a smile that can be infectious. You are literally saving a life.