Your Kid's Lemonade Stand Shut Down? They Could Get "Bailout" Cash

July 21, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

Summer and lemonade go hand in hand, but getting your fix of the refreshing drink may be tougher this year because lemonade stands are just one of the many things coronavirus has canceled. Well, Wicker and Wilde found out that Country Time might just bail out your kid!  The Lemonade Company is looking out for the young entrepreneurs who usually work to keep this seasonal tradition going. They’re reimbursing kids for their potential business losses with $100 “bailout” checks.

Country Time has announced plans to pay kiddos across the country whose lemonade stands have been shuttered because of the pandemic with their “Littlest Bailout Relief Fund.” Children under the age of 14 are eligible to apply at the program’s website with help from a parent or guardian and those selected will receive “stimulus checks to help kids preserve the values of lemonade stands, honest work and entrepreneurship,” according to Country Time.

Winners will be randomly selected and will get an honorary check in the mail, along with an email with a prepaid gift card. Country Time explains, “The check can offset the loss of revenue from the lemonade stand and can be saved, or better yet, spent to help invest in the local economy.”