Forget The Chalky Conversation Hearts - Krispy Kreme's Conversation Doughnuts Are Back!

Nom Nom

January 28, 2020
Krispy Kreme Donuts

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, lots of us are stocking up on their favorite holiday treats, and some may even be going for those conversation heart candies. But Wicker and Wilde (especially Wilde) Krispy Kreme has their own version of conversation hearts with pastel colors and cute sayings, and these aren’t chalky at all because they’re delicious doughnuts.

The Valentine's doughnuts come in cake batter, chocolate kreme, original kreme, and strawberry and kreme flavors, with 24 different sayings from “XOXO” to “Love” to “Bae.” And as if the sweets themselves aren’t festive enough, Krispy Kreme has limited-edition gift boxes when you buy a dozen and they look just like the conversation heart candy boxes we got as kids.

The doughnuts are available now through February 14th, but the boxes are only around while supplies last.

And Krispy Kreme Big Wigs - If you're reading this, remember #Iliketoeatdoughnuts xoxo