Australia Is Being Devastated By Bush Fires - Here Are A Few Ways To Help

January 6, 2020
Help Australia

You can't escape the images of the Bush Fires that are burning across estimated 500,000 animals have perished.  

And we may be half a world away but that doesn't mean you can't help.  Rebecca Wilde still has friends in Australia and with their help has a list of few places where you can help the animals Affected By The Australian Wildfires -

If you’re like most people, the news of 1/2 a billion animals and plants being destroyed by the Australian wildfires has brought you to tears.

The good news is you can help save some animals.  You may not be able to donate $500k like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban or Pink.....but together, we can make a difference, too, with small donations. Here’s where to direct your cash:

Rebecca's friend, Jo, with whom she used to work at an animal shelter, suggest helping these 3 organizations:

Koala's In Care -  These amazing Volunteers provide a 24hr Koala Rescue Service for sick/injured/orphaned koalas

Wildlife Rescue South Coast Inc. - The largest wildlife rescue group in the NSW South Coast region licenced by National Parks and Wildlife Services

Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter - Their aim is to care for sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife and to rehabilitate and release them back into the wild.

You can also donate to these amazing places.....and remember you don't have to be a celebrity with lots of money to donate.  Every.  Penny.  Counts.  

Donate to WIRES. - It’s Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization

Donate to the World Wildlife Fund

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital in New South Wales has a GoFundMe up. Donate.

Donate to the Irwin family’s Australia Zoo.

You can also help if you knit/sew/crochet, too with the Rescue Craft Co

Help Australia