Hate Yourself In Pictures? Wicker and Wilde Share A Model's Guide For Better Photos!

Be More Comfortable And More Confident

October 3, 2019

You don’t have to be a professional model with thousands of Instagram followers to want to take good photos. We all want to look our best, no matter if it’s for a wedding photoshoot or just for some new photos for FB. Model Cassandra Senior and editors at The Every Girl are now sharing some secrets.  These are tips to help get you more comfortable in front of the camera and look better in photos.  And to help, Wicker and Wilde do some befores and afters to show you exactly what they're talking about!  Here we go.....

Practice - Get in front of a mirror with a self-timer to figure out what angles you like and how the poses you’re doing translate on camera.

Get used to taking photos first - Even pros get intimidated and feel awkward posing with lots of people watching, so try building your confidence in an area with less foot traffic so you can get used to being in front of the camera.

Don’t stick with just a smile - Try other facial expressions and opening your mouth slightly to look more natural. Cassandra says you can never go wrong with a laugh.

Change your position - Don’t stay in one pose, nothing looks more awkward than being too stiff. Shift your weight, move your shoulders and change how you hold your neck.

Use props - No one knows what to do with their arms in pictures, so give them something to do, like holding a purse, a drink, or sunglasses.

Show off the features you like - Highlight what you feel good about and find a way to downplay the ones you don’t.

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