Wake Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed? How To Turn Your Day Around

And Turn Your Frown Upside Down

June 26, 2019

There are just some days we wake up and feel a little off, sometimes for no good reason.........that we know of (maybe it was a bad dream or you stayed up too late). Thankfully it’s completely normal and doesn’t need to ruin your whole day. Believe it or not you can pull yourself out of your funk.......here are some expert tips:

Give yourself a little time to have a Pity Party - Heck, put a crown on if it feels right. You’re not going to feel happy every minute of every day and experiencing a range of emotions is totally normal.

Fight the urge to stay in bed - Waking up and feeling down may make you feel like you can’t leave your bed or deal with anyone today, but that can actually make you feel even more bummed out if you do it too long, warns psychologist Lily Brown.

Try to get your blood flowing - Just do anything you can to get your body moving and it will probably make you feel better.  Whether it's taking a shower to hitting the gym.

Practice mindfulness - Therapist David Klow says recognizing the source of your morning mood can help you get rid of it faster.

Connect with someone else - Something as simple as texting a friend to check in can help. Klow says we’re all wired to connect and finding someone to connect to can help boost your mood.

Go easy on yourself - Keep it all in perspective and remember feelings are temporary. Everyone gets in a funk or a bad mood, so when you feel off, try to look on the bright side and know that this too shall pass.

Have an amazing day.  We appreciate you and you are loved. xo 

The original article was published in Well and Good