Unhappy At Work? You Could Be The Problem

Here Are Some Tips That Could Get You Back In A Good Groove

September 5, 2019

Work can send you through a litany of feelings like stress, boredom and yes, even happiness. However, if you’re upset at more times than not, you don't necessarily have to turn in your resume....you just have to turn the frown upside down! And It may be as simple as stepping away from the pile of work for a quick five-minute break. Here are some other ideas for a little change to help each day go a bit better so that you have more good times in the office. 

  • Find a colleague to confide in -  When you’re trippin’ about a crazy email your boss sent you, it’ll probably make you feel better to know that your bestie thinks they’re trippin’, too. 
  • Take on a new, challenging project - This will switch up the monotonous pattern of coming to work, checking your email, and going to meetings. This new project will actually give you something exciting to look forward to.
  • Get more organized - There’s no stressing when you know where to find that paperwork for that meeting that’s starting in five-minutes.
  • Be more social - Yes, we know that is not always easy, however, going back to an earlier suggestion, good friends ALWAYS make things better especally at work. They’ll give you a shoulder to lean on and make you crack up when you really need it.

You CAN be happy at work. You just have to give it a little effort.