The #1 Negative Health Effect Caused By Working From Home

And It Has Nothing To Do With Your Kids

January 5, 2021
Wicker and Wilde

Some people are digging working from home.  Honestly we (Wicker and Wilde) are super happy to still be coming in the studio - and some people are struggling a bit and it turns out that there are some negative health effects from staying in your house.  It can lead to murky waters as far as separating work life from your home life, burning you out pretty darn quickly.  And for some this trend will be around quite some time depending on the type of business you're in. 

A new study shows that there are perks to that work commute you might have taken for granted before.

Without that daily commute, it can feel harder to separate your work and personal lives. So why not try creating a “fake commute?” It’s the perfect opportunity to decompress, manage stress, and help you feel more grounded. Plus, you’ll get a better night’s sleep – after all, your eyes need a certain amount of light to make sure that internal clock is working. Here are some ideas for your fake commute:

Get some fresh air before you start working – and after you’re done. Try taking a 20-minute walk down your favorite path or around the block before and after your work day. Decompression is key to managing stress and preventing depression!

Make your morning coffee a whole ritual - Why not replace the time it usually takes you to travel to work with an extended coffee break? Sit down with a good book or podcast, or take the coffee on the go and combine it with a good walk!

Get some sun - Whether you take a walk break or head to your apartment roof for some downtime, make sure you’re doing it in the daytime! The more Vitamin D you get, the more your immune system will thank you.

Upgrade your beauty routine - Like the extended coffee break, try taking more time with your self-care! Replace that commute with a brisk run followed by a hot bath, or blast some music while you glam up for the day.

And remember we appreciate you!