Science Says If We Hang Out With THIS Person Will Make Us Healthier

You Probably Already Do But Need To Do It More

June 13, 2019

Need an excuse to hang with your friends?  We feel ya!

Wicker and Wilde know that spending quality time with our BFFs gives our souls a good recharge. Now, research shows that hanging out with your best friends is good for your mental and physical health.

And we should do it twice a week to get the biggest boost!

Those who have a larger groups of friends are less likely to suffer from illnesses, recover faster from surgery, and are less likely to die early. By the way this goes for men as well as women.

Professor Dr. Robin Dunbar says, "In this context, we are talking about people you would willingly invest time to see and make an effort for, the people who will be the first to help you out when things are tough for you.”

So if you’re looking for an excuse to spend another night out with your besties, this is it! It doesn’t matter what you guys do, so long as you’re with people you love. Have fun!