These Are The Hot Ideas For Halloween Costumes 2020

And No, It's Never Too Early

August 9, 2020
Jeff and Rebecca

Wicker and Wilde both adore Halloween and had a blast as the New Joker and the Old Joker last year.  But what about this year?  Have you started thinking about it?  We don't think it's too early (at least Rebecca doesn't) -LOL 

She found this list from Style Caster and wanted to share it with you!  So many good ones like the (unfortunately) wildly popular

Tiger King

Rebecca Wilde
Any character from The Masked Singer

Rebecca Wilde
And believe it or not the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich! (Although not sure how you'd pull that off.

Rebecca Wilde

Can't wait to see what we all choose to be - and here's to hoping we actually get to go to Halloween gatherings......


Rebecca Wilde