RVA Celebrity Sighting! HINT - He's A Super Foodie

Who's In Town And Why He May Be Here

September 5, 2019

Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri is officially in RVA!  His fabulous car, a 1967 Camero SS with the license plate FLVRTWN, was spotted, covered, at 2nd and Marshall.  He's been hanging out at Pop's Market on Grace street (which will be closed again today - Thrusday) and was also at Perly's Deli, one of Rebecca Wilde's favorite places for a Rachel and some chopped liver.  Nom nom!  Perly's is closed on Friday for a "special event." Or is it a special Guy? Ha!  We are so funny. 

Is Guy here just to visit since he met so many wonderful people after shooting at Dot's Back Inn for his Diners, Drive-in's and Dives show?  Rumor has it that he's scouting for a brand new episode featuring Perly's and the Fancy Biscuit on Cary Street.  There are several other restaurants that will be closed this week but The Food Network, which airs his show, is being tight-lipped about why this dynamic Super Foodie is here.  We here at The Morning Mix would love to run into him so keep us up on any sightings!  

Welcome back to RVA!