Feel Like Trying One Of Those Milk Alternative? Here's A Guide

So Many To Try!

August 5, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

‘Alt-milks’ are becoming more and more popular with consumers all of the time. More folks are concerned about additives and sugars, and the cruelties of factory farming, and these alternatives all have appealing properties if you don’t have to (or want to) get your milk from a cow. Here’s a list of nine choices that should work for anyone:

Almond Milk – Rebecca Wilde loves Blue Diamond's Almond Milk.. It's currently the most popular alternative to dairy milk that pairs well with cereals and coffee, but only has 1/8th of the protein of whole milk. It still contains vitamins A, D, E and B12 and MORE calcium than a glass of milk.

Cashew Milk – growing in popularity, possibly because almond milk has gotten some bad press. It won’t give coffee the color and quality that others might, but it’s a great addition to a smoothie or bowl of cereal.

Oat Milk – is becoming popular due to Oatly, which has started a marketing campaign and is made by adding canola oil or water to liquefied oats so it retains the fiber. It’s also easy on the environment.

Hemp Milk – NOT associated with marijuana…. but it does have omega-3 fatty acids more commonly associated with salmon than cows. It also contains vitamins A, B12, D and E and has half the protein of a glass of milk.

Pea Milk – surprisingly has the same amount of protein as a glass of milk and 50% more calcium as well, and it’s pretty CHEAP—four to five bucks for a 48 oz bottle.

Coconut Milk – has become extremely popular and can contain as few as 80 calories per cup. It mixes well with hot and cold coffee and has a creamy consistency that people really enjoy.

Rice Milk – not high on the list when it comes to nutrition and it’s bland, but popular with people that suffer from food sensitivities and immune-system conditions.

Banana Milk – it’s full of B12, C and E vitamins, riboflavin and potassium—that makes it one of the most nutritionally dense milks available. It mixes perfectly with coffee, adds a creamy texture and is great in a bowl of cereal as well. This is one both Wicker and Wilde wanna try.

Soy Milk – Soy milk is what started the alternative milk craze and it has as much protein as dailry milk, as well as calcium, vitamins A, B and D12 and fewer calories per serving than dairy milk. It’s not all that great with coffee, but will be fine with cereal in the morning.