Teachers And Parents Rally With Go Fund Me For School Janitor

Feel Good On The :50's

February 25, 2020

 Wicker and Wilde both love stories that make us Feel Good about the world and people within it. And this story is an awesome shot in the arm.

A guy named Robert Reed works as a janitor at an elementary school near Memphis.  And he makes a pretty serious trek to work each day, because he loves the people and the job so much.

Every day he takes three busses and walks about two miles each way.

So last week, a teacher decided to show him just how much he's appreciated by starting a GoFundMe campaign to buy him a CAR.

A bunch of other teachers and parents got in on it too.  And less than 24 hours later, they'd already raised close to $10,000.

Robert literally fell to his knees and started crying when they told him. (see video below)  He says he already loved everyone at the school for giving him rides and helping him out over the years.  And they're basically like family to him.

Now it looks like he'll be able to get a car and have money left over.  Because last we checked, it was up over 45 GRAND.