How To Keep The Troops Occupied (And Happy) On Your Road Trip

November 27, 2019
Car Games

This morning, Wicker and Wilde asked for suggestions as to how you keep the kids, and yourself occupied in the car.  A LOT of people will be road-tripping for the Holiday and the last thing you need are whining, complaining and/or bored kids! So here are some of the ideas people shared and a few we garnered from around the web:

The Clothespin Countdown

- Run a string around the inside of your car and use clothespins to hang notes that detail your itinerary. Include state lines you expect to cross around certain times, food and restaurants you hope to hit, and stops you’ll make along the way.

Road Trip Bingo

- Bingo is a great way to go to keep the kids busy. You can create your own game, tailored to what you think you’ll see along your particular route, or you can buy a set with spaces like “barn,” “bridge,” and “airplane.” Or you can get cards for free when you download it from the Travel Channel It's also similar to a scavenger hunt in the car.

The License Plate Game

- Look for different state license plates you can spot as your driving. The further you go the more states you can spot. Hotel and tourist attraction parking lots are especially good places to spot a variety. There's even an app to help out!  It's called “Plates Free” app will record which plates you spot, giving a “honk” for each new plate you or your kids find. 

Battle of the Bands

- If you’re tired of listening to the same old songs,  and can’t find anything on the radio, have a “battle of the bands.” Have someone come up with a creative, funny, or nutso situation or senario. Give everyone a minute or two to find a song they feel matches the situation, then you each take turns playing clips of the song. Have one person as the Band Leader who will award points based on how well the song fit the situation.  (points are not necessary, though, you can just play for fun)

Speaking of radio, though, don't miss the chance to hear radio in different cities.  Rebecca Wilde enjoys the ones in the country areas where you can hear various "Swap Shop" shows where they are selling items. And Jeff Wicker likes to listen to country Ministers.

Sweet and Sour Game

- You  and the kids wave to passengers in other vehicles and see if they’re “sweet” and wave back, or “sour” if they don’t wave back. You can also try giving the peace sign, or smiling, dancing or singing, heart hands, etc.

You can also play the classic “truck honk” game, which is when you signal to an 18-wheel truck driver to toot their horn. It's super fun and you might make the day of the trucker you interact with.  You might just make a new temporary friend on the road!

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for listening to the Morning Mix with Wicker and Wilde