Foods You Shouldn't Serve At Your BBQ For The 4th

We Bet You'll Serve At Least One Of These....And Why Not?! Yum!

July 2, 2019

No one is coming to your cookout to eat salad.  Okay, except for maaaybe Rebecca Wilde.  Girl likes to eat!  But summertime isn't complete without a 4th of July barbecue......most people serving up burgers, grilled corn on the cob and potato chips.  And according to food experts (more like food snobs...Ha!) certain dishes that just don’t belong at a cookout.  When planning your cookout, you may want to skip these foods.

Cheese plate - Save it for a dinner party because dairy and the sun are not friends.

Chocolate - It’s going to melt in the heat.

Deviled eggs - Noooooo.......!!!  People still love this retro appetizer, but that egg-yolk-and-mayo filling can spoil quickly. Whah Whaaaahhhhh....

Fatty steaks - It can be tough to cut through a big chunk of meat with a plastic fork and knife.

Fried food - It’s best when enjoyed hot and fresh, not after it’s sitting for half an hour getting cold.

Green salad - We all need to get our veggies in, but at a cookout, the lettuce will wilt and the dressings could spoil before anyone even takes a bite.

Hot drinks - Nobody wants these when it’s 90-degrees out. (who serves hot drinks in VA in the middle of summer anyway??!!)

Ice cream - It’s a summer staple, but not at your July Fourth barbecue where ice cream will be a soupy mess before the first guest digs in.

Mayonnaise-based salads - Mayo + sunshine = food poisoning, so try a vinegar-based side instead.

Soup - This is the Fourth of July not Thanksgiving.

Sushi - It's considered the worst thing to serve.....Not everyone loves raw fish and it needs to be eaten quickly, cold, and fresh to avoid food poisoning.

Only vegan food - Unless you’re a vegan and all of your guests are, too – this is a MAJOR don’t. You’ll want to serve some grilled chicken or ribs along with those Beyond Burgers and tofu dogs.

Hope your bbq is a smash!  Thanks for waking up with The Morning Mix with Wicker and Wilde