Special Delivery - Fed Ex Driver Finds And Returns Lost Dog

The Video Is Darling!

March 10, 2020
Loose Dog

Wicker and Wilde saw this story and had to share for Feel Good on the :50's.

A Colorado woman received a special delivery when a FedEx driver brought back her dog that had escaped. And the return was caught on her doorbell cam. 

Lisa Menzies was out of town when her three-year-old golden retriever, Catcher, got outside of her Castle Pines, Colorado home. A contractor was doing work on the house and left, and then wind blew the door open, so the dog made a run for it. The whole thing was captured on her doorbell camera, along with a special delivery from FedEx.

A FedEx driver saw Catcher outside, stopped and saw his tag, reaching out to Lisa's number on, which was on Catcher's tag, and let her know he was bringing the dog to the address on the tag. The camera footage shows the kind driver carrying Catcher back home and he even locked the door behind himself.

Menzies says that driver “certainly is our family’s hero.”

The video will make you feel even "gooder!" lol So sweet