Wicker And Wilde's Realistic List Of Favorite Things...And They're Affordable

Take That Oprah. LOL!

November 13, 2019

The Morning Mix with Wicker and Wilde read Oprahs's List of Favorite Things 2019 and were a little flabbergasted by the price of some of the items......so we decided to come up with a more Realistic List of Gifts for the Holiday.

With some help from YOU!  These are suggestions we've received so far.  Feel Free to message us on our FB page at Mix981Richmond with one we should add.  

So far, this is what Wicker and Wilde have:

-A Gift Card to Target, Walmart, Grocery Store or other similar store so that the person who got the gift can use it as a necessity.

-A Membership to Busch Gardens (which starts at just $10.99 a month. ) or a season pass to Kings Dominion (A Gold Pass will get you unlimited visits and free parking)

-An Air Fryer

-A Day at the Spa

-Tickets to the the VCU/UofR's Basketball Game.....Head HERE to get them from VCU and HERE to get them from U of R

-Spices from Penzey's in Carytown

-A Breville Sous Chef Food Processor

- A gift card to Aldis or Lidl who both have great products for $5

-Most Ladies love shoes! At least Rebecca Wilde and Producer Andrea do.....so a gift card to their fave shoe shop would be good.

-Membership to Pamplin Park, The Science Museum of Virginia, Children's Museum of Richmond, or the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Again, feel free to add to this by sending us a message through Facebook.  And Happy Holidays!!