Did You Miss This National Holiday? Rebecca Wilde Thinks It Should Be An Every Day Occurrence

Do You?

May 12, 2019

Critics are calling it a "made-up" Holiday, but what Holiday isn't?!  Saturday was National Eat What You Want Day.  Rebecca Wilde thinks that should be every day because, why not?!  You only live once.  Although we acknowledge that "everything in moderation" because you don't really want to be unhealthy.  That being said....here's the question:  If you could eat ANY food every day without suffering the consequences, what would it be?  Here are the ten most common answers people gave in a new survey . . .

1.  Pizza.

2.  Burgers.

3.  Ice cream.

4.  Mexican food.

5.  Chocolate.

6.  Carb-heavy stuff, like pasta or bread. (Rebecca salivates for bagels!)

7.  French fries.

8.  Donuts.

9.  Cake.

10.  Chips.