Easter Traditions You Can Still Do Despite The Stay At Home Order

And They're Fun

April 9, 2020

Wicker and Wilde both love Easter.  Everyone's been worried the lockdown would cancel Easter........

But a new poll asked people to name their favorite Easter traditions.  And almost all of them are things you'll still be able to do.  Here are 8 ideas . . .

1.  Making Easter dinner - what a great way to connect with the family.  Give every member of the family some part of the meal to make so that everyone knows they had a hand in the meal.  

2.  An Easter egg hunt -   That one's that's totally doable at home.

3.  Eating candy - duh, easy. LOL! And Rebecca's fave tradition

4.  Taking family photos - And with phones as great as they are you don't even need a fancy camera anymore.

5.  Dying Easter eggs - And you may be able to use spices and things you all ready have in the house.  This is a great site to see what natural foods can color eggs.

6.  Making Easter baskets

7.  Going to church -  A lot of them are holding online services instead, like Jeff's church, Saint Bridget on Three Chopt

8.  Easter arts and crafts 


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