This Lab Pup Is Making The World A Better Place For All Of Us

And She Loves It!

January 16, 2020
Dog Cleans Up

There is lots of trash in this world.....lots of trash that isn't in the bins they should be.  When Wicker and Wilde each pick up trash when they see it on walks with their pooches and at other times.  But it's the human picking up the trash and this 2 year old doggie is putting Nikki (Wicker's dog) and Phillip and Cheddar (Rebecca's Fur Kids) to shame!  Together, with her human, they have collected hundreds of pounds of garbage.

Meet, Molly the Labrador, who as a puppy, would always find pieces of trash to play with—which inspired her owner Fliss Cater to encouraging Molly to place all the garbage into a trash bag.

“I’ve had Molly since she was just nine weeks old and she’s always loved picking up plastic bottles,” says Cater. “Labradors are quite inquisitive and energetic so I was lucky that she immediately had a knack for it.

When Cater moved a coastal town, she was gobsmacked by the amount of litter she found while taking Molly for walks.

So Fliss decided to actually train Molly the proper way so as to avoid scary stuff like needles and broken glass.  After just a few months of training Molly began collecting ropes, discarded toys, and plastic bottles.

“She loves it so much she doesn’t ask for treats when she finds something, all she wants is a ‘good girl Molly’ and she’s a happy dog.”

“She’s such a good girl and she’s never had any issues unless she spots a tennis ball—tennis balls take precedence over everything."

Fliss and Molly never leave the house without trash bags and plastic gloves because Molly will always find something. Good Dog indeed and it looks like Jeff and Rebecca have some training to do.

Dog Cleans Up

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