Wait, Wait, Wait....Dog The Bounty Hunter May NOT Be Engaged Afterall?

Wicker and Wilde Wanna Know The Truth

January 30, 2020
Dog The Bounty Hunter

Whoa.......so on an earlier post we learned that "Dog the Bounty Hunter" allegedly asks his sons former girlfriend and former best friend and assistant to late wife, Beth Chapman, to marry him!  However, TMZ is saying that Dog was just "caught up in the moment" of an interview with his gf, Moon, but that the two are not engaged.

During a taping of the Dr. Oz show, Dog looks at Moon and says that while in the bathroom, God spoke to Dog and told him to ask Moon for her hand in marriage.  However, this source from TMZ says there was no ring and no engagement.

Now Wicker and Wilde are confused and want to know the truth.  We guess we'll just have to wait until the show airs on Monday, Feb. 3rd.

Here's the article from TMZ and thanks for listening to Jeff and Rebecca......we mentioned this proposal earlier this morning and nearly everyone who called said they supported Dog's decision. #lovelove

Dog The Bounty Hunter