To Celebrate His Superbowl Win, Chiefs player Derrick Nnadi Is Saving Lives

And Wicker And Wilde Love Him For It

February 4, 2020

Wicker and Wilde LOVE this man.  Derrick Nnadi plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, who as you know won Superbowl 2020.  While most players likely went and bought a new car, house or some other fun present, Derrick Nnadi paid for ALL the Adoption fees for a local Kansas City Shelter!

Derrick, who's from Virginia Beach originally, has actually been helping out homeless animals all season through the Derrick Nnadi Foundation‘s partnership with the shelter.  Rebecca Wilde used to work in an animal shelter and volunteers for Richmond Animal Care and Control and knows that one reason that some people don't have a pet is because of the cost.  And no, that doesn't mean that a family can't take care of an animal but it's a leg up when adoption fees are waived or sponsored by someone wonderful like, Derrick.  And it can cost a lot of money for the shelter to house an animal depending on how long that animal stays so it's really great when amazing people like Derrick Nnadi pick up the tab instead of the shelter eating the cost when they waive adoption fees....which they sometimes do to get animals home. Better to get them out for free than have them sit and sit and sit (pun intended). There will never be a shortage of adoptable animals so as soon as a shelter adopts some out, most often they fill right back up.

And Rebecca's friend, Doug had a great idea!  Buy Derrick's jersey and when people mention the jersey or ask why you wear that one and share the story.  

So THANK YOU, Derrick Nnadi from Animal Lovers in RVA #adoptdontshop And remember if you want a specific breed, there are breed-specific rescues so you can still adopt.