Feel Good On The :50's - Dad Adopts A Puppy With A Cleft Lip Like His Son

Wants Him To Know He's Not Alone

September 10, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

A 2-year-old Michigan boy with a cleft lip has found an ideal companion in a puppy with the same condition. Brandon Boyer went to the Jackson County Animal Shelter to check out chickens, but a 2-month-old puppy with a cleft lip caught his attention. He knew he had to bring it home as a pet for his son, Bentley, to show him he’s not alone.

Bentley’s mom, Ashley, says it means a lot for them to see their son have something in common with a puppy and understand that they’ll grow up with that connection. The shelter posted adorable photos of the boy and his new dog on Facebook that show the pure joy they bring each other. “They instantly loved each other,” they write.

The video really shows you how important this was for Bentley's parents.