Look Out Fido.....Your Name Just Got Boring! Crazy Dog And Cat Names And We Can't Get Enough!

August 30, 2019

Whether you’re a dog or cat person, picking the right name for your pet can be as serious as picking the right name for your child, and there are certainly some people out there who like to get creative.  Rebecca Wilde has volunteered and worked in animal shelters for the last 25 years and has heard some doozies and she'd rather see an animal get a unique name than something that is unoriginal....#truth! LOL.... 

Nationwide Insurance, which provides pet health insurance, analyzed their records to come up with their annual list of the wackiest pet names and some of them are downright brilliant, although we feel a little bad for the animals.

Here they are! Enjoy RVA....we certainly have....hahahaha

Top Ten Wackiest Dog Names

1. DJ Skribbles and Bits

2. Stella Bean Dip

3. Big League Chewie

4. Ruff Bader Ginsburg

5. Bilbo Beggins

6. Nostadogmus

7. Albus Dumbledog

8. Grampaw

9. Indiana Bones

10. Captain Morgan Freeman

Top Ten Wackiest Cat Names

1. Jean Clawed Van Damme

2. Boba Fetticini

3. Henry Hissinger

4. Avocato

5. Wu Tang Cat

6. Schtinky Puddin

7. Hairy Pawter

8. Reece Whiskerspoon

9. Dave Meowthews

10. Alclawchino

We applaud these pet parents for their fun and originality.......and can't wait to see what you name YOUR next family member.