Your Dog May Be Causing Friction In Your Relationship

Here's How And Why

February 13, 2020
Dog Problems

Most people treat their dogs as part of the family, including Wicker and Wilde (Jeff and Rebecca) and just like regular family members, they can be the source of some major arguments between people.

In fact:

If forced to choose between a pet or a partner, a third of dog lovers would pick their pet. Rebecca says "Amen!" .......probably why she's single.  Hahahaha

40% of people admit to showing their pooch more affection than their partner.

When it comes to arguments, dogs are responsible for three fights a week.  Wicker says he and his wife don't ever fight over the dog....and Wilde, who lives with her mom, rarely argue over the pups....key word being rarely. LOL

- The biggest dog-related argument is over who should walk the dog.

But other top dog-related arguments include:

- Who has to go and clean up their mess in the garden/on walks

- One partner says the other gives the dog too many don't want a fat doggy.  It's unhealthy for them just like it is for us.

- Arguments about muddy car seats or the house being muddy

- One partner wants the other to join them on a dog walk and they don't want to

- Who has to get out of bed to let them out in the morning

- The dog has taken your seat on the sofa or bed...Rebecca's mom hates this....Phillip is always stealing her spot on the couch

- If the dog should be allowed on the sofa (yes! - duh)

- You disagree on training techniques

- One partner accuses the other of playing too roughly with the dog

Basically, a person’s beloved doggo can have a major affect on their relationship.

An eighth of those polled say their relationship reached a point where they were given an “it’s me or the dog” ultimatum.

38% of people say if their dog didn’t like a new partner it would mean doom for the relationship.

25% of people would break up with someone if they were too obsessed with their dog. Again....this is probably why Rebecca is single.  Her Pups are her One Loves....and her obsession

Dog Problems