These Georgia Police Officers Went Above And Beyond On A Cold Night

Making A Difference In The World Of One Woman And Her Kids

March 13, 2020

Each weekday, Wicker and Wilde share stories that hopefully bring positivity to your world called Feel Good on the :50's.  This is one of our faves.

2 cops near Atlanta recently saw a woman walking home in the cold, and went above and beyond to help her out.  

Sergeant Nick Boney stopped to see if she needed a ride, and she immediately said yes.  She was holding a bunch of balloons, because she was out getting supplies for her one-year-old daughter's first birthday party.

Without hesitating, Nick handed his credit card to another officer . . . and asked him to go buy a CAKE.

They surprised the woman with it, so she invited them to her house to meet her kids and have cake with them. What is super sweet is how her older kids run right up to the officers for hugs.

The whole thing was captured on Nick's body-cam.  But he never even tried to get any credit for it.

Turns out, the police department was doing random audits of body-cam footage when his supervisor saw it from when it happened in January and posted it online.