Watch Out For This Contact Tracing Scam On Your Phone

Yes.....Another New Scam (And This One Is A Doozy)

May 20, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

Wicker and Wilde have a SCAM ALERT for you!

Contact tracing is helping to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  It’s the “It” Phrase right now… …Contact Tracing is where people who have come in contact with someone else who’s tested positive for Covid -19 are notified …….you’ll get a message to self-quarantine and monitor your symptoms daily. And the message may say you’ll get a phone call from someone in the health care field who will have more information and instructions……

What you WON’T get is a message, or someone calling, asking for personal information, like your Social Security number, bank account info, money or credit card info.  Anyone asking for that kind of stuff is a scammer.  The scammers will also send you a text message – the difference? The scam text will include a link that they want you to click on – DON’T CLICK ON IT!!! That link will download a program that will give the scammers access to your personal and financial information.

If you would like to see what the scam looks like you can find a picture on the website of the FTC

If you DO get a legitimate call, you may be asked to enroll in a text message program, which will send you daily health and safety reminders until your 14-day quarantine ends.

For all the details head HERE  

Always on the lookout for you Wicker and Wilde got your back. xo