These Are Common Mistakes People Make At The Gym. They Are Important, Too

You May Be Surprised At Some Of These

July 22, 2019

First of all, don't beat yourself up if you do ANY of these.....lots of us do them.  Wicker and Wilde from The Morning Mix have been known to do a few.......and some are habits that you may have to keep working at.  Good Luck and see you at the gym! xo

You’re going too hard, too fast - Take. Your. Time.

Rushing through an exercise rather than focusing on form - Form is everything!

Resting for too long - “Taking long breaks between exercises or after each circuit is going to let your heart rate fall and you’ll miss out on the calorie-burning benefits of keeping it elevated,” explains personal trainer Erika Collins.

Doing hundreds of sit-ups for abs - Personal trainer Eric Bowling says, “You need overall fat loss and training combined.”

Not properly stretching or stretching at all - Start and end the workout with this.

Not tracking your workouts - “The only way to ensure those progressive overload gains is to track your workouts,” says personal trainer Amber Nash. 

Doing cardio before weights - Eric explains, “Weight training when your energy supplies are low is likely to be less effective and more likely to result in injury.” Neither Jeff OR Rebecca knew this before we read this article........Rebecca has always done cardio first.  Not anymore!

Not being courteous of other gym-goers - No one wants to touch your sweat! Wipe the equipment down when you’re finished.

Crowding the instructor - This will only complicate things. They need space.

Finally stop worrying about what other people think - working out is for YOU not anyone else.

Have a great workout!