Get What You Want For 2020 By Wearing THIS Color Underwear On NYE

Trust Us It Make A Difference

December 10, 2019
Color Of Underwear On NYE

You ready for some fun? We’re only a few weeks away from New Year’s Eve! Wicker and Wilde will be out at Rosie's at Colonial Downs in New Kent and we invite you to join us.  No matter what your plans, though, you may have already chosen what you going to wear.

But have you thought about the color of the underwear beneath that gorgeous outfit?  You should because it could determine your luck in 2020. PopSugar explains that it's what you’ve got on underneath your clothes when the ball drops sets the tone for the upcoming 365 days.

So if you’re even slightly superstitious, you may want to choose the shade of your undies based on the kind of luck you’re hoping to have and here’s how they break it down:

Yellow - Wealth and success. Wear Yellow when you're tired of having to decide between paying bills or buying that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing.

Red - Love and romance. Wear if: You don’t want to go on any more Tinder dates or feel like the only person who really gets you is Taylor Swift.....or in Rebecca's case, your Mom.  LOL

White - Peace, harmony, and happiness. For when you're ready to stop stressing about work and yoga isn’t cutting it. Think about Meditation to start with.

Pink -  Love and harmony. Wear if: You’ve been bickering with your boyfriend or your sister too much lately.  Breathe's possible for peace in your mind and heart.

GreenLife, nature, and overall well-being. Wear this color when you're ready to break your mild phone addiction and the only contact you get with nature is your walk to get in the car every morning.

Blue - Wellness and good health. Wear if: You can’t shake the sniffles or you’re dedicated to making this the year you finally get fit.

Color Of Underwear On NYE