Feel Good On The :50's - This Coat Transforms And Saves Lives

January 21, 2020
Feel Good

Imagine you are a 20-year-old College student and your professor gives you an assignment - design a product that impacts a need in your community.  That's what happened to Veronika Scott, almost a decade ago.  What came out of that assignment is one of our favorite stories.  Each weekday morning at 6:50, 7:50 and 8:50 Wicker and Wilde share a story we hope makes you feel good.  This one, about Veronika and her assignment, comes from CNN.  When you click on the link you learn that not only did Veronika impact a need in her community but she is literally saving lives with her product and she is transforming lives with what came from that product.  

If you want to know the how's, the why's and the who's we invite you to not only listen to Feel Good on the :50's this Friday at 7:50a but read the full story.  And thank you for listening to Wicker and Wilde.  We really appreciate your presence.  xo

Feel Good