Doing THIS Could Help You Lose Weight

It May Be Something You Already Do

May 8, 2019

Do you chew gum?  If you already do it may help you get into bikini shape!  Now, popping a piece of Big Red or Trident is not going to help you burn calories or keep the pounds off of things you just ate.  But experts DO say that chewing gum can help keep you from midday and/or evening snacking.  Chomping on some bubble gum or another sugary flavor may signal to your brain that you have eaten dessert and keep you from putting a piece of cake in your mouth.  

If you don't already chew gum it may not be a good habit to start since some dentists say it's not great for your teeth.  But if you do it may be the key to slimming down.  Just make sure you have good brushing habits.

Read the full story and get some other ideas on how you can stay full longer and learn to eat more healthy.  Good luck and we'll see you at the beach!