The Best Cocktail To Pair With Your Halloween Candy

October 30, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

Happy Halloween from Wicker and Wilde!

This Halloween we might not be heading to the costume parties we typically do, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating. Trick-or-treating may or may not be happening, but there will still be plenty of candy around and we plan to enjoy it. Nothing goes better with a sweet treat than a festive drink and luckily, the experts at VinePair have figured out the most spooktacular Halloween candy and cocktail pairings to sip this holiday.

These are their boozy recommendations:

- Almond Joy and a Dark and Stormy

- Candy Corn and a Negroni

- Hershey’s Special Dark and an Espresso Martini

- Junior Mints and a Mojito (Wilde isn't crazy about this one......she'll most likely forgo the Junior Mints and pair the Mojito with another Mojito)

- Kit Kat and a Brandy Alexander

- M&M’s and a Manhattan

- Milky Way and Irish Coffee

- Skittles and a Moscow Mule

- Snickers and a White Russian

- Sour Patch Kids and a Spicy Paloma

- Starburst and an Aperol Spritz

- Twix and an Old Fashioned


Wicker and Wilde