Please Vote For This Virginia Kitty To Be The New Cadbury Bunny

Eggbert Is So Special

March 14, 2020

The Cadbury Bunny Tryouts are down to the finalists and Rebecca Wilde and Kat Simons are asking you to vote for Eggbert who's from Herndon, Virginia.  

This is what his HuMOM says about him "Eggbert is special. He is a rescue that cannot use his hind legs due to having meningitis earlier in life but that does not stop his dream of one day hopping around like a bunny! We should mention he is just as soft as one too! Playing and eating CATbur..Um.. CADBURY chocolates and then zooming around in his cart is his ideal day! (ps, cats should not eat chocolate)"


All the animals are great but Kat and Rebecca feel like we need to support this Hometown Boy.  Please join us and vote once a day for Eggbert.  And thank you!