Today Is Blue Monday - Here's Why

January 20, 2020
Blue Monday

Today is "Blue Monday," which is considered the most miserable day of the year.  However, Wicker and Wilde are gonna keep a smile on their faces and hope you do the same! 

Even if it's not easy....and we admit we know it isn't.

If you wanna know why the 3rd Monday in January is called Blue Monday - These are the top REASONS we feel depressed this time of year.  

1.  Feeling broke after overspending around the holidays.

2.  The weather.

3.  The nights are too long.

4.  A lack of sunshine.

5.  The magic of Christmas is over.

6.  We're already sick of work again after the holidays.

7.  Feeling guilty for eating or drinking too much during the holidays.

8.  General loneliness. And if you do feel lonely experts will suggest you try taking up a new hobby - Rebecca Wilde took up dancing......

9.  The pressure of New Year's resolutions.  Or the fact that you already broke yours.

10.  It's harder to have a social life in winter. It may be harder but not impossible - Maybe invite your friends over.  

Blue Monday